by Zena on Monday, June 29, 2020

Discounted Hersheypark Tickets – Now Available

Buy Your Tickets Here!

 Promotion Code: 79561

Support Scouting – Get a Great Discount

 All summer season tickets purchased through our website include a contribution to Scouting which supports over 5,000 youth in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.  Programs include:

Leadership Development, Citizenship Training, Character Building, and Personal Fitness

Thank You!

Get your ticket today!

Promo Code: 79561

SUMMER (May 1- September 27, 2020) COST SAVINGS
Regular (ages 9-61) $61.95 $12.00
Junior (ages 3-8) $45.95 $5.80
Senior (ages 62+) $45.95 $5.80
All Day Drink Deal $17.75
All Day Dining Deal $31.75
Single Use Meal Deal $12.99
Snack Voucher $4.50
Games Value Pack Voucher $19.00
Summer Parking Voucher $20.00

Buy your Ticket Here!

Promo Code: 79561

*Tickets purchased through our link are good for one day during the summer season. (May 1 – September 27, 2020)

New for 2020

Every guest with a summer ticket will be required to make a reservation for a specific visit date to ensure the park can comply with their capacity guidelines. Guests without a reservation will not be guaranteed entry.

To make, modify, or cancel a reservation before a visit, click here:

Hersheypark has implemented enhanced satefy measures to address the inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 that exists in any public place where people are present. Review their safety protocols here 

Hersheypark has also partnered with Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center this summer. Here is a quick video highlighting that partnership

Here are some FAQs for visiting Hersheypark

Questions: Try our FAQ or comment below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Helpful Links:

2020 Operating Hours


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1,902 responses to “Discounted Hersheypark Tickets – Now Available”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Couldn’t ask for a smoother transaction. Just went on Chrome and had my tickets paid and printed in minutes. My boyfriend and I are going to Hershey this weekend and it will be my first time. So excited that I got discount tickets and glad to support a good organization. Thank you!

  2. Daphne says:

    Thank you for the discounted tickets! May our contribution help the BSA! Best of luck.

  3. Kellee says:

    I keep getting this error when trying to pay for tickets???
    WorkflowState.ShippingOption failure.

  4. Sal /NY says:

    I want to feel confident that this is legitimate. How can you assure me? thank you

  5. justin says:

    what is the benefit that Hershey gets by giving Boy Scouts of America such a discounted rate?

  6. STEVEN says:

    Hi, trying to pay for the tickets. On the delivery option, it said HP Print on Web. What does that mean? Can I be able to print on the printer?

  7. william hagan says:

    can anyone purchase from here or only scouts, looking to take my kids to Hershery on 8/13

  8. I am trying to purchase 3 tickets through your site, but i keep getting a pop box to select an event. not there is no event to select. help!!!!

  9. Romel says:

    Is there any coupon code for the 2 day admission?

  10. Christina B says:

    Thanks so much! I had no problem ordering and printing my tickets. My husband is an Eagle Scout and we love the Boy Scouts! It’s great to save money and help the BSA at the same time! thanks again and God Bless!

  11. Jen M says:

    Thank you so much, Pennsylvania Dutch Council Boy Scouts! We appreciate the savings and helping the Boy Scouts at the same time. With our savings we are able to donate a ticket to a friend who would otherwise not have been able to enjoy the park.

  12. Nicole says:

    thank you!! i had no problem buying the tickets and were able to print them right away!! we will be going in august and got a great discount.

  13. Mia says:

    You site says: These tickets purchased on-line through the council’s website can be used for ALL of the Hersheypark regular season dates (April 29th – September 25th)!

    So if I want to go April 10, 2017 I can’t buy these? Will you have more tickets later?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      Tickets to go to the park April of 2017 are the Springtime in the Park tickets. We have not had Springtime tickets in the past. They will become available next year through Hersheypark’s website. The tickets currently for sale are for the 2016 Summer Season. Thanks for your support!

      • Jennifer says:

        Will you have tickets for Hersheypark in the Dark?
        For some reason I think this was an option last year.

        • Duane says:

          Hi Jennifer,
          Yes, we will offer the Hersheypark in the Dark tickets again this year.
          Look for more information in September.

  14. Lori from Michigan says:

    I’m trying to purchase these tickets today and when I get to the final page I get an “unexpected error” message. Please help.

    • Liza Weiser says:

      I am sorry for your difficulties. I saw the same error but I did not put in valid credit card information. Check that the credit card info is right. If that is not the issue, you can contact Hersheypark at 800-HERSHEY or 717-534-3900 during regular office hours. You can also email them at At that point in the ordering process you are inside Hersheypark’s store and I cannot see what the issue is. Thank you for your support!

  15. Hailey Iovino says:

    I purchased two tickets online and when I went to print them it says an error has occurred. I go into my email to print them that way and it also said that it can not print the tickets. I am not sure of what to do now? Can they scan my phone if i have the tickets in my email? Or can I some how print them some where at Hershey park?

  16. April says:

    Hello I wanted to purchase tickets to go on Saturday July 23rd I was wondering what do the tickets include is there a meal voucher and a game voucher thanks

    • Duane says:

      Hi April,
      The tickets only include admission to the park and Zoo America. The meal and game voucher is seperate.
      Thank you for the support.

  17. Abigail says:

    I just wanted to know if anyone having a problem booking tickets. Once you try to continue for the payment an error page comes up. Can you please resolve the issue

    • Duane says:

      Hi Abigal,
      I am sorry you have had issues with the link.
      The link seems to be working now.
      Thank you for the support.

      • Mohammad says:

        i tried to buy tickets online but it said error has eccoured. what should i do.

        • Liza Weiser says:

          I am sorry for your difficulties. Please verify that you have put in the correct credit card information. If that is not the issue, please contact Hersheypark at 800-HERSHEY or 717-534-3900 during regular office hours. You can also email them at I did ask Hersheypark to look into the issue as well. We appreciate your support of Scouting!

  18. Sara says:


    I purchased tickets, but unfortunately I found out I will no longer be able to visit the park this summer. Is there any way I can return the tickets?

    Please let me know.



  19. Kristen says:

    If I purchase the tickets with the discount are we still allowed the preview of the park the night before?

  20. Kristie Myers says:

    I live in VA and we are leaving Friday July 22, the website says the tickets are shipped, will they get here on time? Is it an option to print tickets purchased from you online? I need to order but afraid they won’t make it. Look forward to hearing from you soon

    • Liza Weiser says:

      The tickets are delivered via email. You should have received it immediately after purchase. It will say confirmation and have a PDF attached that you can print or pull up on a smart phone to be scanned at entrance. If you did not receive your confirmation email, check your junk folder or email Provide them with your confirmation number or if you do not have that, your name and address etc so they can look up your purchase. Thank you for supporting Scouting!

  21. shareeza says:

    I purchase my tickets for the 20 July thanks for the discount

  22. Tina says:

    If I buy these tickets and then choose to visit a second day will I have to pay for a full price ticket the second day or will I be charged the difference between the discount rate and the two day rate at Hershey Park?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      We are only able to offer the one-day admission tickets through our site. To go two days you would have to buy two tickets. Thanks for your support!

  23. Jim Flanagan says:

    Unable to purchase tix. When you click on the link a box comes up that says select events, then you are frozen with no options.

    • Duane says:

      Hi Jim,
      Please try again. I just checked and it seems to be working.
      Thank you for your support.

      • crystal washington says:

        I am having the same issue unable to order tickests

        • Liza Weiser says:

          I am sorry for your difficulties. I tried the link a moment ago and it worked. Have you tried a different browser? (For instance I tend to have more difficulties with Internet Explorer than I do with Chrome or Firefox.) I hope that helps! Thank you for your support!

  24. shareeza says:

    I purchase six tickets we are going on 20 July is my tickets OK just checking

  25. Suzanne says:

    This is the second time I have used your site to purchase tickets. No problem at all! Appreciate the discount and also am happy to support the Boy Scouts. Thank you very much!

  26. Jackie says:

    Am I able to purchase my tickets today when we are going on the 20th?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      Yes, you can. Tickets can be bought at any time and used any day during the 2016 Summer Season. Thank you for your support!

  27. Britney a says:

    Just came back from Hershey bought the tickets off your site right before we left. Thank You, saved us an extra $60.

  28. Katherine says:

    Unfortunately the website does not allow to purchase regular ($48.95) discounted tickets, only senior or junior/senior. I tried both Chrome and Firefox on my desktop. I also called 717-534-3829 but went to voicemail.

    • Duane says:

      Hi Katherine,
      I am sorry to hear about your issue. The link was down but is now fixed.
      Thank you for the support.

  29. Vinny says:

    I am having trouble ordering tickets. I am getting a message that states “mobile validation” beneath my phone #. I called the # listed in the other posts and was told to refresh the page. When that did not work I called back and they stated they cannot help and there is nothing more they can do and to contact the BSA.

    • Liza Weiser says:

      I am sorry for your difficulty. I reached out to my contact at Hersheypark and she said that some people are having difficulties when using mobile devices. When encountering this problem, please make your purchase through a desktop. If you are unable to access a computer, you can call 717-534-3829 during business hours and she will make the purchase for you. Thank you for your support!

    • Alan R says:

      I just tried using code 78158 on the site. I selected 3 regular and 1 junior ticket. The site stated: “Unable to apply discount 78158”


  30. Catherine Gomez says:

    Do you have to be part of the bsa or any group to be able to purchase these tickets?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      These tickets are available to anyone regardless of affiliation. We appreciate your support!

  31. Art Schouten says:

    Is there a discount for 2-day tickets?

  32. Jennifer says:

    Just purchased my tickets with no problems. Was able to print the tickets right from the confirmation screen & received the confirmation email right after.


  33. Elizabeth says:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I had no problems ordering with my phone and got the confirmation email. Thanks for offering this amazing deal! Glad it benefits the Boy Scouts as well!

  34. Jeane says:

    Worked great for us! Thanks!

  35. Nicole says:

    If I purchase tickets, am I able to use them the night before (like the preview plan that Hershey offers) and then use my ticket for a full day the following day?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      The tickets do include the Preview Plan. (Make sure to keep your parking receipt so that you only pay to park once.) You can enter the park 2 1/2 hours before close the night before you use your ticket for the full day. Thank you for supporting Scouting!

  36. Stephanie says:

    It keeps saying something wrong with my payment info.. I double checked several times and still getting the error. What can I do?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      At that point in the purchase process you are in the Hersheypark store. You will need to contact them at 800-HERSHEY or 717-534-3900 during regular office hours. You can also email them at Be sure to let them know that the difficulty is with the payment process. We host the link, but it leads to their store. If the person you speak with says it isn’t Hersheypark’s problem, that is incorrect. I hope this helps. We appreciate your support of Scouting!

      • Stephanie says:

        Thank you. I will do that on my break. Hopefully they will process over the phone with for the same amount.

  37. Julie says:

    You get the error when you try to add the $19 games ticket. If you try to purchase them without that you won’t get the error. I figured this out today!

  38. Shlomo Toussia-cohen says:

    do we have to members of bsa in order to buy the tickets thru your site?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      The tickets are available to anyone regardless of affiliation. Thanks for supporting Scouting!

  39. shareeza says:

    I got through purchasing my tickets also I will like to know if I have to print separate ticket I have all the confirmation number and the ticket for up to September


    When I go to print off the tickets, the dates say April-July!!! We are not scheduled to go until the following weekend. Can you please tell me if I’ll still be able to use these tickets because #1, I already bought them and #2, I’ll be very upset if I can’t use these. Please get back to me asap. Thank you.

    • Liza Weiser says:

      The April-July refers to the rate that you are paying, not the validity of the tickets. I apologize for the confusion. The tickets are good all 2016 Summer Season. Thank you for supporting Scouting!

      • TAMMY L BUFFINGTON says:

        Thank you so much for clarifying Liza! ? I was almost in tears when I saw those dates thinking I had to use them by the end of July. Thanks again!!!

  41. Zee says:

    To all the scouts out there ,THANKS A Million for this great deal !

  42. Zee says:

    Works prefect for. Thanks much.
    wish the ticket was ride play and dine.

    • Liza Weiser says:

      Thanks for your support. We’re only able to provide the one-day passes. Meal vouchers and game booklets are available separately.

  43. Mike says:

    I have tried to buy tickets for the past 2 days and every time I get to the checkout it says an error has occurred. All of my info is correct but it continues to state that there is an error. What can I do?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      I’m sorry you are having difficulties. We host the link, but the online store is Hersheypark’s. For difficulty with checkout you will need to contact them at 800-HERSHEY or 717-534-3900 during regular office hours. You can also email them at Thank you for your support!

  44. Simone says:

    Website is not working

    • Liza Weiser says:

      I’m sorry that you’re having difficulty. I tried the link late this morning and did not have an issue. If you are having problems with the online store itself, you will need to contact Hersheypark directly at 800-HERSHEY or 717-534-3900 during regular office hours. You can also email them at Thank you for your support!

  45. mike says:

    trying to by tickets from my smart phone. The site will not allow me to enter my phone#. Nothing inputs when I type it in.

    • Liza Weiser says:

      I’m sorry you are having problems. This is certainly one I haven’t heard before. I don’t suppose typing it elsewehere and cutting and pasting it in would work? I’ve personally used an iPhone in the past and had no issue (though there were times with one of the iOS updates that I had difficulty accessing my keyboard at all). Unfortunately, beyond entering our discount code, you are in Hersheypark’s store. For further assistance with the Hersheypark store, you can reach them at 800-HERSHEY or 717-534-3900 during regular office hours. You can also email them at Thank you for supporting Scouting.

  46. maureen says:

    This worked perfectly for me. After clicking link in blue: Order Discounted Hershey Park Tickets Here, it DOES say ‘Error Occurred’, but ignore it and type in code; proceed as usual. You won’t see ‘Error’ again. After I selected tickets, and viewed my ‘cart’, there is another space to type in the code. I typed it in again, although I don’t know if it’s necessary. However, I just thought I’d share what worked for me because this is an amazing price. (Code #78158) Good luck!

    • Liza Weiser says:

      Thanks for letting us know what worked for you! We appreciate your support of Scouting!

  47. Stacey Dowd says:

    I am trying to purchase my tickets and I am running into the same error that shareeza mentions above. Help! Thanks!

    • Liza Weiser says:

      I am sorry that you have had difficulties. Hersheypark has been contacted and says that they are looking into it. There were a lot of transactions hitting Hersheypark’s online store this past weekend, and I believe the occasional crashes that occurred were due to the amount of traffic. I was able to complete a transaction this morning without incident. We appreciate your support of Scouting!

    • Stacey Dowd says:

      It has been a while and I still haven’t heard anything.

  48. Kathleen says:

    I tried using this as well & it kept telling me my to check my information again but it was all correct. I called the Hershey numbers provided in the FAQ link but they said they couldn’t help with the Boy Scout link.

    • Liza Weiser says:

      I am sorry that you have had difficulties. The link is hosted by PA Dutch BSA, but it leads to Hersheypark’s store. Hersheypark has been contacted and says that they are looking into it. There were a lot of transactions hitting Hersheypark’s online store this past weekend, and I believe the occasional crashes that occurred were due to the amount of traffic. We appreciate your patience and your support of Scouting!

  49. shareeza says:

    I am trying to make purchase but it keep telling me an unknown error occurred I put in my card number already I need help thanks

  50. Julie O'Donnell says:

    Hi- I have been trying all day to use the code and it isn’t working- I’m getting a billing error. How do I fix it to use the code?

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