by Zena on Monday, June 29, 2020

Discounted Hersheypark Tickets – Now Available

Buy Your Tickets Here!

 Promotion Code: 79561

Support Scouting – Get a Great Discount

 All summer season tickets purchased through our website include a contribution to Scouting which supports over 5,000 youth in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.  Programs include:

Leadership Development, Citizenship Training, Character Building, and Personal Fitness

Thank You!

Get your ticket today!

Promo Code: 79561

SUMMER (May 1- September 27, 2020) COST SAVINGS
Regular (ages 9-61) $61.95 $12.00
Junior (ages 3-8) $45.95 $5.80
Senior (ages 62+) $45.95 $5.80
All Day Drink Deal $17.75
All Day Dining Deal $31.75
Single Use Meal Deal $12.99
Snack Voucher $4.50
Games Value Pack Voucher $19.00
Summer Parking Voucher $20.00

Buy your Ticket Here!

Promo Code: 79561

*Tickets purchased through our link are good for one day during the summer season. (May 1 – September 27, 2020)

New for 2020

Every guest with a summer ticket will be required to make a reservation for a specific visit date to ensure the park can comply with their capacity guidelines. Guests without a reservation will not be guaranteed entry.

To make, modify, or cancel a reservation before a visit, click here:

Hersheypark has implemented enhanced satefy measures to address the inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 that exists in any public place where people are present. Review their safety protocols here 

Hersheypark has also partnered with Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center this summer. Here is a quick video highlighting that partnership

Here are some FAQs for visiting Hersheypark

Questions: Try our FAQ or comment below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Helpful Links:

2020 Operating Hours


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1,902 responses to “Discounted Hersheypark Tickets – Now Available”

  1. james says:

    how much do ticket prices go up by on July 5th?

    • Duane says:

      The price increases by $5 after July 5th. You can use the tickets you buy now anytime including after the 5th.
      Thank you for the support.

  2. Deric Johnson says:


    I purchased these a few days ago but have not received an email. Can you let me know what has happened? Thank you.

  3. Sheri says:

    What is a snack voucher?
    Thank you

  4. Matt says:

    What do the meal tickets include? Is that all you can eat all day at the park or only one meal?

  5. Laura says:

    I purchased a ticket for my cousin, however she can no longer go. Can another friend use her ticket even though her name is on it?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Laura,
      Yes, they do not match up names to tickets, so you are fine.
      Enjoy the park and thank you for the support.

  6. ashley says:

    The Meal Ticket includes the souviener cup correct?

  7. Chris says:

    Hello I have a question to use these tickets for this discount do you have to be apart or affliated with Boy Scouts or do you have to live in pa or is this allowed for anyone

    • Duane says:

      Hi Chris,
      No, anyone can use the discount. You have to go through the link on our page.
      Thank you for the support.

  8. Selena says:

    If purchased today how soon would I be able to use my tickets? Next day?

  9. Josephine says:

    I would like to purchase 4 ticket for my family and I but my daughter is turning 2 July 3 I want to kno how much kids ticket cost

    • Duane says:

      Hi Josephine,
      I do not believe you would need a ticket for a child under 3.
      Thank you for the support.

  10. Kenneth Joubert 3RD says:

    Was so happy to have stumbled across the discount link! I made sure to share it on my FB page to spread the word. I got to save a little cash on admission and also give back to a program that I loved so much as a kid.

    Thanks guys!

  11. Lauren keefer says:

    Hi, i bought 2 of your tickets online and i only needed one. When i was buying them i never got any confirmation email. I checked my bank account and saw two are currently processing. Where are the tickets and can i return one since the website was being slow?

  12. Katy says:

    How long are these ticket prices available? Thanks

  13. Lori says:

    Is parking included in the ticket price? For both the preview the night before and then the following full day?

    • Duane says:

      Sorry for the delay. No, parking is separate.

      • Kevin Bartley says:

        One thing to note — once you pay for parking on the “preview” night, you can show your parking stub *and* your ticket (showing the “preview” box checked) when you come back for the full day — you won’t have to pay for parking the second (full) day as long as you do that.

  14. robert groder says:

    do you have a discount code for season tickets for hershey park or just daily passes?

  15. Barry says:

    I need tickets for the summer. Will I be able to purchase tickets that would be good to use in June 2017?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Barry,
      Yes, the tickets are good for any day during the summer season.
      Thank you for the support.

  16. Cornelis says:

    Today I wanted to purchase your great discount tickets to Hersheypark (summer). The link worked well, but when I filled in the form at the Hersheypark site, I didn’t come any further than the checkout page. I’m from The Netherlands, so could that be a problem I could choose Netherlands in the country section!)?? The “submit order” button doesn’t work in my form and I filled in the form correctly…

    • Duane says:

      Hi Cornelis,
      I am sorry that you are having an issue with the site.
      I will send you a direct contact for the Hersheypark Store who can assist you with your purchase.
      Thank you.

  17. JAMES RYKIEL says:

    I was able to print the meal voucher tickets but I cannot print the park tickets. What can I do to get them to print.

    • Duane says:

      Hi James,
      I am not sure why you cannot print your tickets.
      Please contact Hersheypark directly at and they should be able to help you.
      You can also take your confirmation number to Ticketing Services when you arrive at the park and they can print out your tickets for you.
      Thank you for the support.

      • JAMES RYKIEL says:

        Thank you. I was able to transfer the bar code to my cell phone. I hope that will do. I will definitely contact Hershey direct. Again thanks.

  18. Catherine says:

    Do these tickets allow you to take advantage of the sneak preview, and enter the park the night before, for a few hours before closing?

  19. Courtney Whisenton says:

    Just want to double check before we buy, if I purchase the Spring Tickets I can use this Friday, April 14th? They expire Sunday, April 16th??

    • Duane says:

      Good Morning Courtney,
      Yes, the Springtime in the Park tickets are able to be used on April 14th and the last day is April 16th.

  20. Bengt says:

    I gonna buying 4 summer tickets and with pleasure I will support boy scouts. Would I use them in any weekdays in June?

  21. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your discount and developing this website. I am local to the area, and this is by far the easiest and cheapest way to buy tickets. I’ve used it multiple times over the last several years, and I will keep coming back. And, I’m supporting the Boy Scouts too! It’s a win-win for all!!!

  22. CC says:

    If I buy Springtime in the park tickets, can I use them in July?

    • Duane says:

      No, you must purchase the summer pass. You can purchase it now if you would like. The price for the summer ticket increases July 5th.
      Thank you for the support.

  23. Paul Sample says:

    I wanted to purchase two Springtime tickets for the weekend of April 8/9. Saw in one of the comments that you were not selling those tickets, but it appears that you are. Just wanted to get clarification.
    Thank you

  24. Gabriella Majoros says:

    Hi, could not purchase tickets. After putting 2 tickets into the cart and clicking on the check out tab, nothing happened, the page did not change.

  25. Karri Weller says:

    Do you offer discount tickets for Season Passes?

  26. Melissa says:

    Are these tickets good for April 22, 2017 ?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Melissa,
      Yes, you can purchase tickets for Springtime in the Park through our link.
      After you put in the promo code it will give you this option.
      Thank you for the support.

  27. Adriana says:

    How does the snack voucher work/what does it include?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Adriana,
      The Snack voucher is new for 2017 and allows you to get any one of the following: 2017 Snack Voucher – $3.25
      Founder’s Kitchen – Any one (1) Appetizer
      Founder’s Way Funnel Cake – Any one (1) Fried Candy or Regular Funnel Cake
      Tower Fries – Regular French Fry
      Coal Cracker Pretzel – Regular ICEE, or Churro
      Comet, Waterfront and Turkey Hill Creamery – Regular Ice Cream
      Turkey Hill Parlor – Regular Ice Cream
      The Outpost – Hummus with Vegetables
      Dietz and Watson – Regular ICEE
      Famous Famiglia – One (1) order of Breadsticks
      Carrousel, Fahrenheit, and Laff Trakk Beverage Carts – Soft Pretzel


  28. Catherine says:

    If I purchase the tickets from your link, and we decide to add another day, are we able to upgrade at the park, or do we have to purchase an additional one day ticket?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Catherine,
      It is my understanding that you would need to purchase a second ticket. You can do that on your phone at the park if need be and use your phone to enter the park if you do not have access to a printer or Ticketing Services at the entrance can print them for you.
      Thank you for the support.

  29. Gina says:

    I am interested in buying tickets as a gift for someone. Will the electronic tickets have my name/information on them?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Gina,
      You will need to enter a name but it does not need to match with the person using the ticket at the gate.
      Thank you for the support.

  30. Katy Kapas says:

    Where can I find the link to purchase the discount tickets? Thank you!

  31. Pat. says:

    I understand that your discount ticket is only for one day but I plan to visit the park for 3 days. Should I buy 3 different days or how can I included the other two days.

  32. Mindy says:

    We live in NY? If we buy tickets, can they be mailed to us or is this offer only valid for PA residents?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Mindy,
      Anyone can use the link to purchase your tickets.
      They are etickets can print at home.
      Visit our page now to get to the link.

  33. Wendy says:

    do you sell 1 day admission only or 2 day admission as well?

  34. Lauren says:

    How much will the tickets be this year? adult and child

  35. Adrienne says:

    Will your 2017 tickets be valid for Springtime in the Park, April 8-9 or April 14-16?

    • Duane says:

      Hi Adrienne
      No, we do not sell the Springtime in Hersheypark tickets.
      Summer tickets will be available in late March early April.

      • Sharina says:

        I am interested in buying tickets for a day in July. How do I go about purchasing the tickets? Is there a limit as to how many we can purchase? We need 15.

        • Duane says:

          Hi Sharina,
          The link to purchase Hersheypark Tickets on our website is now active.
          Thank you for the support.

  36. Gina says:

    Are there any dates where this discount will not work?

  37. Kia Howard says:


    For the Christmas Candylane tickets, can I purchase them today and use them at a later date? or do I have to select the day I would like to attend?


  38. Heather says:

    Is there any day restrictions to use these for Candyland?

  39. Kim says:

    How long will you be offering the discounted tickets. I want to buy 4-5 for the Christmas event, but I am not ready to do it just yet.

  40. Sheri says:

    How do we get the tickets we buy?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      You can either print the pop-up screen that opens after buying, or the pdf that arrives in your email. If you cannot print they can be scanned from your smartphone at the park.
      Thanks for your support!

  41. Amber says:

    Do the Candy Cane Lane Tickets include the preview plan for the evening before?

  42. diane Schleig says:

    Good evening,

    Looking for tickets for Hershey Candy Lane on Dec. 17, 2016

    • Liza Weiser says:

      You can purchase Christmas Candylane tickets through our link. When you get to the Hersheypark store you will see the option to choose Hersheypark in the Dark or Christmas Candylane tickets. Thanks for your support!

  43. Michelle says:

    Hi there. I bought tickets; however, the say (under ticket instructions) “3. Preview Plan-With the purchase of this ticket we invite you to be our guest for 2 1/2 hours prior to park closing.”

    Does this mean we can only go for 2 1/2 hours at night??

    • Liza Weiser says:

      The preview plan is an added bonus. If you are going on a Saturday, for instance, and the park is open the Friday before, you can go to the park Friday night for the 2 1/2 hours before it closes. You keep the parking receipt and present it the next day so that you only pay parking once as well. Thank you for your support!

  44. Michele says:

    Hi does purchasing thru you get the free snack and game with entrance to park in the dark which is what you get when ordering through the Hershey park website?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      Sorry for the delay. I was confirming my answer with Hersheypark before responding. Using any discount link does not include the snack and game voucher. Thank you for your support!

  45. maria hart says:

    will you be selling hershey park in the dark tickets? Is so, when?

    • Liza Weiser says:

      They are up. When you click the link, you will see the option for them. I apologize that our site does not reflect the change. Thank you for your support!

  46. Andre says:

    I am trying to get to the park for 2 days, will the coupon work for 2-day tickets?

  47. Courtney Osborne says:

    Hi! Will you have discounted tickets for Hershey Park in the Dark or Christmas in Hershey? LOVE the Boy Scouts!

  48. melissa says:

    Hi- are your tickets good for september 24th and 25th as well?

  49. Maggie says:

    Tried to use this link tonight and was not able. Any suggestions? The code was declined. Didnt know if the offer expired today?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • Liza Weiser says:

      It worked for me a moment ago. As long as you are using the link from our site to get to the Hersheypark store, there shouldn’t be a problem. But you do have to start from our site not Hersheypark’s. If you still have an issue, try using a different browser. Thank you for your support!

  50. Mike says:

    Just bought 3 for tomorrow. Easy process and no issues. Received the email with tix right away and they pull up easy on my phone.

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