2017 Product Sale Unit Guidebook
A quick reference guidebook that includes: highlights of the sale, calendar, products selection, commission structure, rewards and incentives overview, and Frequently Asked Questions.
2017 Popcorn Calendar
The 2017 Official Product Sale Calendar.
Popcorn Order Form 2017

Nuts Order Form 2017

Additional copies of the order form are available for your Scouts or Unit Leaders to download and have available as Scouts fill up the ones provided.
2017 Council Bonus Prizes
A two-sided flier that outlines the various prizes and incentives that are specific to the Scouts in the Pennsylvania Dutch Council.
Camp Bucks Worksheet
Camp Bucks
Popcorn and Nuts Commission
This flier gives a brief overview of the commission structure.
 2017 Council Prizes Report Form  
Use this form to report the Scouts that have qualified for the various Council level prizes during the sale.
Prize Summation Sheet
Use this form to help place your prize order for the sale.  Enter each Scout’s name and prize order and the second tab compiles your entire order for the Prize Company.
 Trail’s End Scholarship Form
 For Scouts that sell at least $2,500 in the popcorn sale they qualify for the Scholarship Program.  YOU MUST COMPLETE A NEW ONE OF THESE FORMS EVERY YEAR!
Product Sale Webinar Opportunities
 This form has all of the times and dates for this year’s Product Sale Webinars. There are several webinars being offered to help meet your needs and schedule.
2017 Popcorn Sale Return Policy
For units that are considering ordering more than the 80% allotment for their Show and Sell, you will need to complete this Wavier.
2017 Unit Commitment Form
 This form is used to track the information for each unit’s Popcorn and Nuts for Scouting Kernel so that we can be sure each Kernel is receiving the necessary information for the sale.
Cub Scout Program Planner

Boy Scout Program Planner

 These tools are designed to help you plan out your year of Scouting.  Simply use the tools to insert trips, awards, events, and anything else your unit plans to do this year and you can establish a unit and per Scout goal for the sale!
Unit Potential Worksheet
Don’t know where to start in setting your goal?  This Unit Potential Worksheet is a great place to start!
Popcorn Machine Rental Form Popcorn Machine Rental Form
 Prize brochure

 Prize Brochure