Scout Rewards, Incentives, and Commission

Pennsylvania Dutch Council Incentives and Prizes

The Pennsylvania Dutch Council will once again be offering a great assortment of incentives and prizes for Scouts that participate in this year’s sale.  This year’s Council level prizes include:

Grand prize-top selling unit

  • Skyzone supreme air package
  • 30 minute private dodgeball
  • 30 minute main court
  • Pizza and soda
  • 20 jumpers

$3,000 Club

  • An exclusive $3,000 Club backpack*
  • Hershey Park tickets
  • Hershey Bears Tickets
  • Penn Cinema Recognition Event.

$2,000 Club

  • An exclusive $2,000 Club Nike cinch bag*
  • Hershey Park tickets
  • Hershey Bears Tickets
  • Penn Cinema Recognition Event.

$1,500 ClubSponsored by Hershey Park

  • A free ticket to Hershey Park for the 2016 season
  • An exclusive $1,500 Club sweatshirt*
  • Hershey Bears Tickets
  • Penn Cinema Recognition Event.

$1,000 Club – Sponsored by the Hershey Bears

  • Attendance the night to a Hershey Bears game, Saturday, January 14. (Tickets for parents and siblings will be available for purchase at a discount price).
  • An exclusive $1,000 Club t-shirt*.

$800 Club

  • Be invited to the Penn Cinema Recognition Event. (*All exclusive prizes are only available at that level and do not stack—i.e. a Scout who sells $1,500 gets the sweatshirt, but not the t-shirt)


  • For every 30 orders a Scout will earn a $10 Amazon, $10 Wal-mart, or $10 Scout Shop Gift card. To qualify, THE FULL SHEET MUST BE FAXED (717-394-7776), EMAILED (, MAILED/DROPPED OFF (630 Janet Ave, Ste B-114 Lancaster, PA 17601-copies are acceptable) or Uploaded ( A Scout can be credited with a “full sheet” every time they have 30 orders (can submit a popcorn sheet with 16 orders and a nut sheet with 14 orders to make 30). Gift cards will be mailed on: 10/15/2016. Fill-A-Sheet will run from the start of the sale until the end of September. Forms must be turned in by October 1st!

Trail’s End Scholarship-Popcorn ONLY

  • If a Scout sells over $2,500 in one year, 6% of his sales in subsequent years will go towards a scholarship fund for college. After the first year the Scout does not need to sell $2,500 to qualify for the program (Please, note that a new form needs to be completed and submitted every year).

Military Sales

  • There is a recognition for Scouts that help to provide popcorn to our troops through Military Sales. Scouts that have $100 in Military Sales will receive a Silver Level Military Patch. Scouts that have $200 in Military Sales will receive a Gold Level Military Patch. This year’s patch will be the 2nd in a series.

Galactic Collection Patch

  • This year we are debuting a brand new patch set. Scouts can work to earn the 6 sections of the patch including: Participation Patch, Online Sale Patch, Seller Club Patch (sell $650), Military Patch, One of Each Patch, and the Top Seller Pin!

Top Salesman Prizes-Free Weeks at Camp

  • The top 5 Cub Scout salesmen and top 5 Boy Scout Salesmen in the council will earn a free week of summer camp at Bashore Scout Reservation or J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation to the 2016 camp season.

“Win and Win Big” Prize Program

  • We will again work with Keller Prize Company to deliver this year’s prizes. A complete list of prizes is available with every order form and descriptions of prizes are available at

“Camp Bucks” Prize Program

  • The Keller Prize Program is a great program, but there are some Scouts who would rather use Popcorn and Nut to help earn their way to Summer Camp. We are offering a “Camp Bucks” program at selected levels for use at Pennsylvania Dutch Council Camps or Programs. These bucks can be used for Summer Resident Camp, Summer Day Camps, Fall District Events, National Youth Leadership Training, Spring District Events, or towards Council High Adventure Programs. For 2016, the bucks ARE ONLY available for use within the Pennsylvania Dutch Council.

Hershey Bears Top Kernel Prize

  • The Hershey Bears have put together a fun package for our Top Kernel in this year’s sale. Stay tuned for more information of how to be in the running.

How do I keep track of all the prizes?

To help you keep track of the all of the different prizes and to make it easier to order, please use the 2016 Prize Order Summary Sheet available on  Start by entering the Scout Dollar Totals on the Summary page.   It automatically calculates what prizes your Scouts qualify for based on their total sales.  Enter their prize selections in the Individual Scout Prizes and the Unit Prize Summary will automatically populate for you to place your order.

How do I submit prize orders?

Win and Win Big Prize Orders and Galactic Collection Patch

These prizes are the prizes that every Scout regardless of how much he sells is eligible for.  Once you know which prizes and how many of each prize you need you can log into the Popcorn system at  Here you will find a link to order prizes.  Enter the quantity of each prize you need and submit.  Prize Orders placed by the end of October will be delivered in November.

Club Prizes, Military Sales, and Top Salesman

Those Scouts that qualified for the $3,000, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000, or $800 Clubs, qualified for the military patches or were your unit’s top salesman, need to be submitted to the Pennsylvania Dutch Council using the 2016 Council Prizes Form.  A copy of this form is included in the packet.  Please be sure to indicate sweatshirt size and t-shirt size for those Scouts in the $1,500 Club or $1,000 Club.  This forms should be submitted electronically to Liza at

Camp Bucks

Camp Bucks can be a great way to engage your older Scouts in the sale.  Camp Bucks replace a prize from the Win and Win Big Prize program, but do not replace the club levels, military sales, or top salesman.  Camp Bucks can be earned starting at prize level 5.  Scouts wishing to earn Camp Bucks instead of prizes need to be submitted on the Camp Bucks Program form included with this packet.