by Daniel Hanson on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020
Pennsylvania Dutch Council Staff Announcement
It is with great pleasure (and some sadness) that we announce the retirement of Richard F. Garipoli Jr. Rich finished his professional career with us last week after nine years of dedicated service.
Rich started with the Pennsylvania Dutch Council in a role that supported our Scout Reach Program. He then moved on to become the director of Scout Reach, and then our council Field Director. Titles did not mean a lot to Rich. He always had a can-do attitude, helped out, and gave leadership where-ever needed.
Rich helped build our Scout Reach program into a nationally recognized way of doing business. Under his leadership we have expanded the number of youth being served. We have kept our documentation of our records clean and supported by volunteers which is critical for this type of membership.
While a Field Director Rich lead our field staff in a direction of growth, and customer service. In 2019 our council finished the year with growth not only with our youth, but the number of units as well. This was not easy, but Rich inspired our volunteers and field staff.
Over the last five years, I have worked with Rich closely and considered him my right-hand man. I confided in him, consulted him, and trusted him with many important tasks for our council. Each of these assignments were completed in a timely manner and with complete professionalism.
We wish Rich all the best. We are excited for him and Irene in their next chapter of life. If you would like to send Rich a note, feel free to send it to….
Thank you for your nine years of service Rich. You will be missed!!!!!
My best,
Matthew S. Adams
Scout Executive/CEO

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