Frequently Asked Questions


I had a password last year, but it won’t work this year. Why?

Unit information is not supposed carries over and the unit must be reentered, this includes logon information and passwords.


Why are there two separate order systems for Popcorn and Nuts?

The two companies have their own ordering systems and are trademarked protected.  While this does increase paperwork, we recommend that units still sell both to maximize their sales.


How do I check Online Sales?
Unit Kernels can click on “Online Sales” in the black navigation bar on the left.


I have a problem with my Prize Order. Who do I call for help?
If you need assistance with this process, please contact Supply Customer Service by phone 800-323-0736 or email  They are very good about replacing damaged prizes, tracking lost orders, and just being helpful in general.  If you do not hear back from either contact, please contact Robin or Scott at the Pennsylvania Dutch Council Office.


I have a problem with my bill. Who do I call?

Call the Pennsylvania Dutch Council Office at 717-394-4063 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.


We have sold out of some of our popcorn and nuts for our Show & Sell.  Can we get more?

We are planning to have some additional product on hand during the Show & Sell portion of the sale.  Simply, contact the Council Office and we will coordinate getting you the additional product.  However, once the product is gone we will be unable to get additional till the Take Order.  With this we strongly suggest an emphasis on Show and Deliver.  If you run out of product you can order and deliver it once it comes in.


I ordered too much product for my Show & Sell. Can I return the extras to the council for a refund?

Yes. You may return product prior to Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, or before.  After 10/19 we cannot accept any more product and the unit will be billed for what had been signed out. Please plan accordingly. During the sale, if you know that you will have extra product, let your district kernel know. Other units in your neighborhood are often looking for extra product and they may be able to take some off your hands. We can arrange a transfer of popcorn from one unit to another with the appropriate paperwork.  Only council paperwork will be accepted for transfersPlease, remember if you sign the Popcorn Waiver when placing your order or if products are damaged and you had not previously reported them you cannot return them.


I was previously enrolled in the Trail’s End Scholarship program. Can I still add to it?

No.  Trails End ended their program in Spring of 2020 and is a separate Vender than Camp Masters.  Contact Trails End for information on how to redeem your Scholarship.  The program has been replaced by the Camp Master High Achiever program.  Total Sales of CM items only count towards the recognition.  The Scout must fully participate in the Sale. An advantage to the High Achiever program is there is no wait time for the payout, recognitions will be sent at the end of the sale by Camp Masters.


Can people order additional product from my unit after the official sale is over?

Yes, they can. We generally have some additional popcorn available through the holidays so please let us know your needs. Your customers can also log onto and purchase popcorn with a credit card. The product is shipped directly from Camp Masters with Free Shipping to the customer AND your unit and Scouts receive credit for the sale. The Pennsylvania Dutch Council will distribute the appropriate commission to units on sales generated online year-round based on your overall commission.


Are product purchases tax deductible?

Because you receive products in exchange for your payment, only a portion of your purchase is tax deductible. The portion that is tax deductible is typically the difference in the amount you would normally pay if you bought a similar item at the grocery store vs. the price of the product you purchased. For online sales, Shipping and Handling charges are NOT tax deductible. We urge you to consult your tax professional to confirm this as well.


Military Donation:
When you purchase the Military Donation you are making a charitable contribution since you don’t receive actual product in exchange for your payment. This means that the purchase is 100% tax deductible. As always, make sure to double check this with your tax professional, as tax laws often change.