Show and Sell Orders Return Policy

2017 Popcorn and Nuts Sale
Show & Sell Orders and Return Policy
In order to ensure a successful sale for both the units and the council the 2017 Kernel Team has established the following Show & Sell/Return Policy.
Show & Sell with returns
Units will be able to order up to 80% of their 2016 total sales order for the show & sell order and make returns to the council of any unsold product by October 24th. On October 25th units can place an order for all additional needed products.
Example: 2016 Unit Show & Sell Order $ 4,000 2016 Unit Take Order $ 6,000 Total Unit 2016 Sale $10,000
2017 Show & Sell Maximum Order = $10,000 x 80% or $8,000
Returns allowed by October 24th
2017 Take Order Due on October 25th for balance of unit needs.
Show & Sell without returns
Any unit choosing to order over 80% of the 2016 total sale at the Show & Sell will not be able to make returns of unsold product during the 2017 sale. Units will be able to order at both sale periods.
Please read and sign below if ordering over 80% of 2016 total sales

Return Waiver                                                                                                       District_____________
I _________________________ of Pack/Troop/Crew________ understand that by ordering over 80% of my 2016 total sales the we are opting out of the council’s return program and the ability to return any unsold product and agree to the payment terms of the 2017 Sale.
Signed_____________________________________ Date_________________
• No Show and Sell orders above the 8% threshold will be approved unless accompanied by a signed copy of this form