“We are not a brigade–or a Sunday school–but a school of the woods!”– Lord Robert Baden-Powell-Founder of Scouting

Camping and the Outdoors are integral to the Scouting movement.  Camping provides the fun and the learning laboratory where the teachings of Scouting come alive.

How Camping Uses the Aims and Methods of Scouting

Camp provides a setting in which a young person can learn the following, through example and practice:

  • A sense of duty to himself and his community
  • A feeling of responsibility for his acts and the need for self-control
  • The ability to stand on his own two feet, self reliance and personal confidence
  • Knowledge of and ability to use leadership skills
  • A willingness to assume leadership when qualified
  • The ability to manage emergencies
  • A willingness, and skills needed, to help others
  • A knowledge of healthful living and personal fitness
  • An understanding of the interdependence of people of all races, creeds, and cultures
  • The recognition of his partnership with a higher power.

Camping Outcomes

Check out these resources on the benefits of Scout camping:

Summer Camp Outcomes Study

Where to Go Camping Guide

The Wunita Gokhos Lodge has put together a Where to Go Camping Guide. This is a resource for units that are looking for places to camp. The guide can be found clicking the link below

Where To Go Camping Guide


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Pennsylvania Dutch Council Camping Properties

The Pennsylvania Dutch Council is proud to operate two camps that provide high quality outdoor experiences for youth of all ages.

Bashore Scout Reservation

For more information on Bashore Scout Reservation Click here: Bashore Scout Reservation

J.Edward Mack Scout Reservation

For more information on J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation click here: J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation