Why Merit Badges?

Merit Badges have been around since the beginning of Scouting for a few important reasons:

  • Merit Badges provide opportunities for Scouts to learn new skills.
  • Merit Badges provide opportunities for Scouts to explore possible careers or hobbies that they may pursue for the rest of their lives.
  • Merit Badges help Scouts develop social skills such as the ability to call someone they don’t know on the phone, have a conversation, set up an appointment, and follow through on what is discussed.
  • Merit Badges help Scouts develop confidence through overcoming obstacles.

To learn more about the BSA’s Merit Badge Program, the process to earn a Merit Badge, and the BSA’s policies and procedures related to Merit Badges check out Chapter 7 of the Guide to Advancement. If you have further questions or issues related to Merit Badges or Merit Badge Counselors contact your District’s Advancement Chair from the contact list found here: Advancement Committee Information.

For Scouts and Unit Leaders:

To learn about the most current Merit Badges available and their requirements check out the National BSA Merit Badge Program page.

To Find a Merit Badge Counselor log in to Scoutbook to see the Pennsylvania Dutch Council Merit Badge Counselor List

  • Merit Badge Counselors will remain on the list until either 1 of 3 things happen:
    • They ask to be removed from the list.
    • Their Youth Protection Training expires and has not been renewed as of the publication of an updated list.
    • Their PA Act 15 Clearances have expired and have not been renewed as of the publication of an updated list.

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor:

Without interested, engaged, subject matter experts, Scouts would not be able to earn Merit Badges.  Merit Badge Counselors guide Scouts through the process of learning and earning a Merit Badge.

All NEW Merit Badge Counselors must complete and submit the following to the Council Service Center: