#AdventureOn Facebook Posts from Trusted Search Marketing

Trusted Search Marketing put together these images and landing pages for the fall cub scouts recruiting campaign. Posting these ads will increase the overall campaign visibility. The more times someone sees a post, the greater the likelihood that they will be ready to take action. So sharing these on your unit and personal pages will increase the total number of times that parents in your community will see these images and click on the link to the landing page to learn more!

How to Download & Use These Facebook Images

You can download each of the images below for use on your unit and personal Facebook pages. Simply click the download button, and it will be saved to your downloads folder.

Please include the following message, link, and hashtags when posting to Facebook:

Learn more and find a pack near you by visiting http://go.padutchbsa.org/units-adventure-on/ #joincubs #adventureon #ScoutMeIn #cubscouts #cubscoutsofamerica

This will send all interested people to this landing page to find a local scouting pack. Note that all hashtags are established and being used.

If you have any available budget, please consider boosting these posts, and always ask parents to like and share all of your “Join Scouting” posts. The likelihood of someone liking and sharing goes up substantially when you ask!

2022 #AdventureOn Campaign Facebook Images