by Daniel Hanson on Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Pennsylvania Dutch Council is excited to announce that the Aquatics Centers at Camp Mack and Bashore Scout Reservation are available for units to rent!

The Aquatics Centers will be available to use for two-hour blocks, with a capacity of 50 people. The cost to use the Aquatics Center is $150. The Aquatics Centers are available for weekday and weekend rentals.

Camp Mack is available to rent August 9 to early September. Bashore Scout Reservation will be available August 5 to end of August.

To utilize the Aquatics Center units will need to have at least one adult certified in Safe Swim Defense. Safe Swim Defense training may be obtained from That person will be responsible for ensuring that the Guide to Safe Scouting and all eight points of Safe Swim Defense are followed.

To reserve the Aquatics Center please contact Robin Kotzmoyer,, at least one week before your desired date. Units will also need to provide the following information electronically to Robin Kotzmoyer,, at least one week before using the Aquatics Center:

  • Name and contact for the person who is filling the role of Qualified Supervisor. This person must be 21 or older who understands and knowingly accepts responsibility for the well-being and safety of those in his or her care, and who is trained in and committed to compliance with the eight points of BSA Safe Swim Defense. It is strongly recommended that all units have at least one adult or older youth member currently trained in BSA Aquatics Supervision: Swimming and Water Rescue or BSA Lifeguard to assist in planning and conducting all swimming activities.
  • Name, contact information, and qualifications for people filling the role of response personnel (lifeguards.) The qualified/adult supervisor must assign at least two rescue personnel, with additional numbers to maintain a ratio of one rescuer to every 10 participants.

It is the unit’s responsibility to submit the required information at least one week before their scheduled date. If the information is not provided one week in advance, then the unit’s reservation will be cancelled. No paperwork/information will be accepted at camp when the unit arrives.

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