by Daniel Hanson on Friday, August 14, 2015


The Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award seeks to identify and recognize those units that shine in their ability to integrate the OA into their annual planning and unit programming. They make the OA a routine, a habit, and Scouts in the troop are beneficiaries of that decision.

An OA Unit of Excellence:

  • Uses the OA Troop Representative Program
    • Every 6 months, ensure an OA Troop Representative and Troop Rep. Adviser is appointed
    • Hold an annual presentation on the troop members’ OA accomplishments at a Court of Honor
  • Promotes Lodge events and helps their members to attend
    • At least 50% of unit OA members attend at least one lodge event in addition to their Ordeal, annually
  • Holds a unit election annually and sees that those elected are inducted
    • Hold an election and have 100% of elected Scouts complete their Ordeal
  • Schedules troop events to avoid conflicts with major lodge events
    • Reviews the WG39 Lodge Calendar with Troop leadership during the planning process, and scheduled events so that 100% of troop programs do not conflict with full‐lodge events
  • Helps eligible troop members to seal their membership in the Order by becoming Brotherhood members
    • At least 30% of eligible troop members seal their membership in the Order by converting to Brotherhood

If all requirements are completed the unit receives a ribbon for their troop flag, annually. In addition to the ribbon, the award system has additional recognitions for the OA Troop Representative (patch pictured above), Scoutmaster (certificate), and OA Troop Representative Adviser (patch pictured above):

  • OA Troop Representative
    • Lead your unit in earning the OA Unit of Excellence Award during minimum six month term
  • Scoutmaster
    • Lead your unit in earning the OA Unit of Excellence Award three times during your tenure as SM
  • OA Troop Representative Adviser (ASM)
    • Advise at least two OA Troop Representatives towards earning the OA Unit of Excellence Award during your tenure as OA Troop Rep. Adviser
    • (The OA Troop Representatives Adviser is a new, official BSA adult position of responsibility that was created in conjunction with this award.)

This new, exciting program offers the Lodge a greater system of unit support, while increasing leadership and service development in the unit. Wunita Gokhos proudly supports this new OA program! Please bring this information to your Troop and Scoutmaster and seek to become an OA Unit of Excellence in 2016! Please contact Lodge Adviser, Eric Shea at for questions about this award.

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