I’m a New Kernel-Where do I start?

Welcome to your role as a New Popcorn Kernel!  Thank you for joining our ranks!  Your role in the popcorn and nut sale, also known as the Fall Product Sale, is a very important one; but you are not alone!  Below is some great information to try to help you through your first year!  Don’t forget about our fantastic team of volunteers and staff who will be working with you and available to assist every step of the way!

Below are the 5 segments of Unit Kernel Fast Start with lots of great information on what you need to do in your first year.

What does the Unit Kernel do?

The Unit Kernel is the person who coordinates a unit’s fall popcorn and nut sale.  Being a good kernel simply means being organized and having lots of energy.  It also means being creative and helping everyone with selling popcorn and nuts!   Check out the Unit Kernel Job Description online!

How does the sale work?

The popcorn and nut sale has five options in which units can participate:

  1. Show and Sell – This is typically done at a storefront but think outside the box.  Churches can be great places for Show and Sells between or after services, especially if your unit is sponsored by a church.  Product is ordered in August, picked up in September and unsold product can be returned in October.
  2. Show and Deliver a.k.a. Wagon Draggin’ – Going door to door in neighborhoods gives you the largest sales.  No only will you sell product from what you have on hand, but you also can take orders to be turned in with your Take Order.
  3. Take Order – Collect your orders and place your order at the end of October.  Product is picked up in November for delivery.
  4. Combined Show and Sell and Take Order Sale – The most effective strategy for having a great sale.
  5. Online Sales – A great way for your unit to make money without handling the product.

Sale Basics

There are some great tools that you will need to use during the sale including the Camp Masters System and the online interface for nut orders.  Check out the unit Product Sale Responsibilities in the forms section.  This document breaks the sale down into specific Unit, Kernel and youth responsibilities.

Steps to Success

Finding success in the Fall Product Sale comes by following some key steps including:

  1. Setting a sales goal for your Unit and for each Den and Patrol.
  2. Communicating the Unit’s plan to assistant leaders and committee members and together, determining a sales goal for each Scout based on the Unit’s goal.
  3. Conducting a “fun-filled” kickoff event for Scouts and their parents.
  4. Encouraging ALL Scouts to go out and sell!
  5. Communicating with unit leadership and families as to how the sale is going during the sale.
  6. Having a victory celebration!

Information and Resources

The last section of New Kernel Fast Start includes information on:

  • The 80% rule – When you order your Show and Sell product you may order up to 80% of your total sale from last year.  If you have a great plan and want to order more speak with your district Kernel and we will work with you.
  • Sales Calendar – check out the link to the sales calendar in forms.
  • What we mean by 70% return to Scouting – 31% of your sale automatically returns to you.  By taking the No Prize option you can go to 34%.  The remainder of the sale, after we pay for prizes and support materials goes to the council to support programs throughout the year.
  • Online resources – several online sources exist, check out the remainder of this site to see them all.
  • Other resources – Each District has a dedicated District Kernel to help answer any questions.  We also publish a bimonthly newsletter, “What’s Poppin’” during the sale with tips, guides and articles to help you.

Be sure to attend theTraining on July 22nd.