by Daniel Hanson on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

March 16th was over two months ago, but it was a day that changed our lives significantly. Our office and scout shop were identified as non-essential and an immediate closing occurred. A lot has happened in the last two months, and I am sure we will share some stories when we meet again, but now that we are moving into yellow, we wanted to inform you what that means for the Pennsylvania Dutch Council.

Monday, June 8th the Pennsylvania Dutch Council will be open for business. YEEEEHAAAA! However, it will look a little different.

• Service center hours will be 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM just like before. You will be able to contact the office and we will be able to help you.

• We’re implementing enhanced cleaning routines in the service center, and hand sanitizer will be readily available. We’ve installed Plexiglass screens in areas where our staff routinely interacts with visitors.

• The majority of our professional staff members will continue to work from home most days, even as the service center reopens. If you’d like to meet with a member of our Council’s team, please contact that person and schedule an appointment in advance. At least one professional staff member will be available at the service center during business hours to assist our volunteers and answer questions.

• Staff and visitors must wear facial coverings and need to social distance. Remember, a Scout is courteous! We have conference rooms available to us that will support this request.

Scout Shop-supported 8:30AM-4:30 PM Monday – Friday
During Stay at Home Period – Red Phase-Hopefully we do not go back to this, but if we do here is how we can help you.
• Customers will email Robin Kotzmoyer their order at . The email must include a daytime phone number for questions and collecting payment. Unit type & number, name, and complete shipping address for mailing the order needs to be included. Payment options are Unit Store Account (provided there are funds) and Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)
• Orders will be processed and shipped Wednesday & Friday mornings (9 a.m.-11 a.m.). They will be shipped via the USPS and should arrive within 3 days.

Initial Reopening of Business-Yellow Phase- Starts June 8
• Face Masks will be required to enter the building.
• The preorder and shipping option will still be available as stated above. However, we will ship Monday through Friday.
• Lobby Pick Up will be instituted. Preorders will be required, and prepayment preferred. Checks will be accepted. At this time no cash payments will be accepted. Orders received before 10 AM on any given day Monday-Friday will be available for same day pick up in the afternoon. Orders received after 10 AM will be available the following day for pick up.
• A table will be in the lobby for contactless pick up. Orders will be placed on the table at prearranged pick up time. If order is not prepaid or a check is being used for payment, a credit card or check will be placed on the table and the customer will step back at least 6 feet. The check will be collected by a staff member and the order process completed, then the order will be placed on the lobby table. The customer may then collect the order once the staff member is clear of the lobby.
• In store purchases by appointment only during June. Contact Robin to make an appointment.
Reopening of In Store Shopping – Date unknown at this time
• Face Masks required and limit on number of customers in store (1 or 2). Social Distancing to be practiced.
• The shipping & preorder lobby pick up options will still be available.
• Unit Store Accounts, credit cards, and checks will be accepted. At this time no cash will be
• Customers will not be permitted to try on clothing but may return items as needed.
• Looking with eyes and not hands will be encouraged.
We take our responsibility seriously for keeping our employees and visitors safe. We ask for your
patience during this time of change. We are committed to making your visit, and shopping experience as
hassle free and safe as possible.
We look forward to seeing you on the scouting trail soon!
My best,
Matthew S. Adams
Scout Executive/CEO
Pennsylvania Dutch Council, BSA

Reopening Letter

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