What is the criteria for clearances?

Adults who are currently unpaid volunteers, or are applying to be unpaid volunteers with the following responsibilities:

  1. Acting in lieu of, or on behalf of a parent by providing care, supervision, guidance, or control of children, or…
  2. Having regular, ongoing contact with children that is integral to their volunteer responsibilities.

Special Notes: The PA Department of Human Services have provided the following interpretations specific to the Boy Scouts of America:

Clearances Are Required for the following situations:

  • All registered Adult Scouters – Clearances ARE required of all Adult Scouters regardless of their position responsibilities. Clearances must be presented at the time of application for any position requiring a new BSA Adult Volunteer Application.
  • Tiger Den Leaders – Clearances ARE required for Tiger Den Leaders.
  • Merit Badge Counselors – Clearances ARE REQUIRED for Merit Badge Counselors (with or without parents present).
  • Drivers to camps or events (Unit Organized) – If a carpool is organized or drivers are recruited by the unit’s leaders, then clearances ARE REQUIRED.
  • Parents helping with fundraisers (Popcorn Show and Sell and/or store front sales) – if the parent will be or could be responsible for a child other than their own son (or daughter) then clearances ARE REQUIRED.
  • At events where Scouts are participating without their parent(s) – clearances ARE REQUIRED of parents as volunteers, as they may be acting in lieu of a parent and will have routine interaction and direct contact with youth.
  • Council Employees – All Pennsylvania Dutch Council employees, regardless of the job responsibilities or length of employment, must have proper clearances. This includes all camp staff positions.
  • Third Party Contractors – Any third party contractor, such as a contracted program provider, cleaning service, or food service provider, who may have care, supervision, guidance, or control of children, or routine interaction with children must have proper clearances.
  • Adult Summer Camp Attendees – Clearances are required for all adult summer camp attendees regardless of BSA registration status. Even if an adult is “just attending with their child” they will be interacting with other youth camp attendees and with youth camp staff members will at camp.

Clearances Are Not Required for the following situations:

  • Venturers or Explorers – Clearances are NOT required for 18-20 year old Venturers or Explorers, as they are not volunteers but program participants (even if these youth are providing leadership to youth under 18 years of age).
  • Scouts with Special Needs – Clearances are NOT required for special needs Scouts (age 18+) as they are program participants.
  • Tiger Adult Partners – Clearances are NOT required for Tiger Adult Partners as they are participating in the BSA program as parents.
  • Eagle Boards of Review – Clearances are NOT required for community volunteers serving on Eagle Boards of Review.
  • Drivers to camps or events (Parent to Parent) – If a parent asks another parent (parent to parent) to drive their son to an event or camp then clearances are NOT required.
  • Adults who stay occasionally at a meeting to help out – clearances are NOT required unless their participation becomes a weekly occurrence.
  • At Cub Scout Pack meetings or day events where parents are attending with their sons – clearances are NOT required of parents as volunteers.
  • At events where every Scout must participate with their parent(s) – clearances are NOT required of parents as volunteers.
  • Guest Speaker/Skills Instructor – Assuming that a cleared and registered adult leader maintains supervisory responsibility throughout the presentation/skills instruction activity and the individual does not have regular, ongoing contact with children, clearances are NOT required.

Additional Questions?

For additional questions please contact Field Director Rich Garipoli at 717-553-4201 or richard.garipoli@scouting.org OR Scout Executive Matthew Adams at 717-553-4211 or matthew.adams@scouting.org