Internet Rechartering has arrived! Follow the Links below to access the Internet Rechartering System.

Access Internet Rechartering

Important Note: Internet Rechartering and the ability to directly enter new members is only accessible for the two months preceeding and the two months following your charter expiration date. For example, if you charter expires December 31, Internet Rechartering will go live November 1 and turn off the last day of February. Any other time, memberhsip applications will have to be directly turned into the Council Service Center.

Your Unit Internet Rechartering Access Number (a new number is generated each year and is NOT the same as your Internet Advancement Number).

Note: Each year you must start over as a “First Time User” and create a new password

2020 Recharter Guide for Harvest and Conestoga River Districts

2018-19 Pennsylvania Dutch Council Recharter Guide

Internet Recharter Tutorial

Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization

Background Check Disclosure


Find Information about printing membership cards here

Information for printing Council Charter