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District Dinner – June 12, 2024
Year in Review Slideshow

May 2, 2024
(more detail to follow)
Lancaster County Sportsmen for Youth – Facebook PageField Day Signup via PGCLCSFY 2024 Liability Form
DutchWare – Hammock Gear and other camp supplies –
PDC Fire Use Policy (adopted 2024)

April 4, 2024
Main Program Livestream (Recording) (See timecodes noted on other sections)
Opening – Pledge of Allegiance – John Wayne (00:50) (Video) (Transcript)
Blessing – Cub Scout Prayers #1 (5:00)
Trivia Question (6:00)
Announcements (7:30)
Fun Thing – Seeing Spots Walk-on (12:08)
Safety Moment – Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities (12:40) (Slide Deck)
Membership Moment – (16:48) (Membership and OA Updates Slide Deck) (Camp Mack Open House Flyer) (Adult Social Event Flyer)
Hot Topic – Personal Safety: “Protect Yourself” (29:44) (Slide Deck)
Attendance Recognition (57:12)
Breakout – STEM Advancement Opportunities (1:00:25) (Slide Deck)
SM Minute – Legend of the Dreamcatcher (1:35:02)
CM Minute – Science and Perseverance (PDF)

March 7, 2024
Main Program Livestream (Recording) (See timecodes noted on other sections)
Opening – American Flag poem by Erin Ryan (00:00, sorry a little late on the livestream start)
Blessing – Simple Scout Blessing (1:20)
Trivia Question (1:58)
Announcements (3:00)
Fun Thing – Paper Tower Building (16:10) (results start at 26:30)
Safety Moment – Animal & Insect Hazards (29:05)
Membership Moment – Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award (Award Info Packet) (Award FAQ) (32:28) (Membership Slide Deck) (Camp Mack Open House Flyer) (Adult Social Event Flyer)
Hot Topic – ScoutBook Overview (38:40) (Slide Deck)
Scouts BSA Breakout -Leader Succession Planning (See timecode 1:02:25 of Main Livestream)
Cub Scout Breakout – Leader Succession Planning (Recording)
Succession Planning Training 32-Minute Learning Plan on

February 1, 2024
Main Program Livestream (Recording) (See timecodes noted on other sections)
Opening – History of US Flag (00:00)
Blessing – Apollo 8 Blessing (10:53)
Trivia Question (11:40)
Announcements (12:48)
Summer Camp and Wood Badge Info (17:20)
Fun Thing – Paper Airplane Competition (22:45)
Safety Moment – Medical Forms (29:35)
Membership Moment – BSA Branding Center (38:20)
Hot Topic – Scout Memorabilia Show & Tell (not recorded)
Scouts BSA Breakout – Songs, Skits, Cheers (not recorded)
Cub Scout Breakout – Cub Program Updates (Recording) (Link to National)

January 4, 2024
Main Program Livestream (Recording) (See timecodes noted on other sections)
Opening – American Flag Recipe (00:00)
Blessing – Poor in Misfortune (2:36)
Trivia Question (3:20)
Announcements (4:21)
Spring Sale Update (6:00)
District Award of Merit Info (11:14)
Fun Thing – Candy Cane Science (16:10)
Safety Moment – Gray Areas (18:10)
Membership Moment – Press Engagement (26:10)
Hot Topic – Handling Difficult Corrective Discussions with Youth (Resources)
Scoutmaster Minute – Living Your Law

December 7, 2023
Main Program Livestream (Recording) (See timecodes noted on other sections)
Blessing – Scout Law Prayer (01:49)
Trivia Questions (03:30)
Announcements (07:50) (Training Save the Date)
Spring Sale Update (and Membership Moment slides) (15:00)
Membership Moment – Invite Your Teachers (16:50)
Fun Thing – Reindeer Antlers (18:55)
Safety Moment – Winter Sports (31:20)
Hot Topic – Managing Unit Fundraisers – (Presentation Slides)(Sample Scout Account Policy)(33:45)
Scouts BSA Breakout – 2024 Updates to Advancement – (Recording)(Presentation Slides)(National Document)
Cub Scout Breakout – Raingutter Regatta (Recording)
Scoutmaster Minute – Was Santa Claus a Boy Scout?

November 2, 2023
Opening – Hometown Heroes
Blessing – Gratitude Prayer for Participation in Scouts
Main Program Livestream (Recording)
Safety Moment – Narcan in First Aid Kits (see Main Program Livestream, timecode 9:44)
Membership Moment – New Member Coordinator
Hot Topic – Annual Registration Process and Program Fee Updates – (Presentation Slides)(see Main Program Livestream, timecode 15:00)
Scouts BSA Breakout – Conflict Resolution – (Recording)(Video from National)(Discussion Questions)
Cub Scout Breakout – Working with Small Dens and Packs (Recording)(Notes)
Scoutmaster Minute – (The Scoutmaster Minute book, available here, and at the Council Office. See Page 106)
Cubmaster Minute – Thanksgiving

Recharter Support Documents
2023 Recharter Guide
• PA-Dutch-Unit-Recharter-Pennsylvania-Required-Background-Check-Affirmation-Statement Form
• How to pull a Hazardous Weather training report_110422
• Annual-Charter-Agreement-Charter-Orgs_2023-2024-Year

October 5, 2023
Opening – A Brief Patriotic Opening
Main Program Livestream (Recording)
Safety Moment – Food Safety
Hot Topic – Talent Surveys and Family Resources (Cub Version) (Scouts BSA Version)
Scouts BSA Breakout – Volunteer Roles – (Recording)
Cub Scout Breakout – Everyone Volunteers – (Handout1) (Handout2) (Recording)
Scoutmaster Minute – The Balloon with Your Name on it
Cubmaster Minute – Leadership Beatitudes

September 7, 2023
Gathering Activity – Meeting people
Main Program Livestream
Safety Moment – Prohibited Activities and Guide to Safe Scouting
Hot Topic – Building Relationships – (Slides)
Scouts BSA Breakout – Welcoming New Families and Building Strong Troops – (Handout) (Recording)
Cub Scout Breakout – Welcoming New Families – (Handout) (Recording)
Scoutmaster Minute – Hope for the Future
Cubmaster Minute – Compassion

May 4, 2023
Moor Outdoor – Range day fundraiser
Lancaster Science Factory – Cub Programs
Livestream Recording

April 6, 2023
Bashore Work Days 2023
Safety Moment – Aquatics
Main Meeting and Hot Topic – Handling Homesickness (Recording)
Scouts BSA Breakout – Trailer Safety (Handout) (Recording)
Cub Scout Breakout – Recruiting Strategies (Slides) (Recording)
Cub Annual Program Planning Conference (Handout)

March 2, 2023
District Pinewood Derby Flyer
Lancaster Barnstormers Scout Night Flyer
NST 13 Leadership Lab
District Awards Dinner Info
Safety Moment – Guide to Safe Scouting
Main Meeting Livestream and Scouts BSA Breakout
Cub Scout Breakout Livestream
Hot Topic Livestream – First Aid

February 2, 2023
Blessing – God in Silence
Main Meeting Livestream (part 1) (part 2, with Scouts BSA Breakout)
Safety Moment – Transporting Scouts Safely
Hot Topic Slides – Adult Awards and Recognition
Scouter Profile Form – Fillable
Scouter of the Year Nomination Form
Spark Plug Award Nomination Form
Scouts BSA Breakout Slides – Engaging Meetings using Patrol Method
Cub Scout Breakout Video – Engaging Meetings for Cubs
Scoutmaster Minute – Stars to Steer By

January 5, 2023
Main Meeting Livestream (including Hot Topic – Incident Reporting)
Blessing – A New Years Prayer
Safety Moment – Sun Safety
Spring Product Sale – PresentationBrochure
Incident Reporting Information
Scouts BSA Breakout video
Cub Scout Breakout video
Cub Scout Winter Activity and Craft Ideas
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area – 50th Anniversary Activities

December 1, 2022
Religious Emblems Programs on
Listing of Religious Awards – Programs for all faiths, as available to BSA members.
P.R.A.Y. Program – Protestant and Independent Churches
Religious Emblems Coordinator position
Interfaith Worship Services – Scout’s Own Service
Baden-Powell comments on Scout’s Own Service

November 3, 2022
Opening – Symbolism of the First Class BadgeBadge Image
Safety Moment – First Aid Kits
Internet Recharter Guide and Timeline
Internet Recharter User Guide
The Care and Use of Your Den Chief

October 6, 2022
Blessing – God is Like…
Welcome to Cub Scouts Flyer
Framework to a Better Unit – Using JTE

September 1, 2022
Safety Moment- When to Cancel for Weather  —  Weather-Related Safety
2023 National Jamboree

May 5, 2022 – Roundtable Roundup
Orienteering Resources
Governor Dick – Clarence Schock Memorial Park

April 7, 2022

No April Roundtable in lieu of Virtual Town Hall / Fireside Chat with Council Executive, Matt Adams

March 3, 2022
Special Thanks to Monica Barber for her presentation on Outdoor Ethics, Joe Way for Getting New Scouts up to Speed, and Chris Yost and Ed Vasold for their discussion of Cub Scout Summer Activities. If you couldn’t make the meeting, be sure to look for the videos on Facebook.
As promised, below are several links to handouts and resources as discussed during the meeting:
General Announcements and Events
Transportation Safety – Transportation Safety Shorts – 12 handouts addressing different hazardous driving situations and conditions; Transporting Scouts Safely – Includes “The Risk Zone” presentation materials, information on 15-passenger vans, and the Drive Safely Course found in the Program Safety Learning Plan on
Outdoor Ethics
BSA National Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Roundtable – The monthly BSA Outdoor Ethics roundtables are a wonderful way to stay engaged and informed on all things Outdoor Ethics in the BSA! For complete details about each roundtable visit Questions about roundtable? Email