2018 Scouting For Food

2018 SFF Unit Commitment Form

Please submit Unit Commitment Form by October 27.


2018 SFF Unit Collection Report

Please submit the Unit Collection Report by December 1

  • Please remember….we cannot use bags from previous years, this is an issue with sponsorship. Our sponsors change from year to year and we must honor that relationship. 
  • Units are encouraged to use the bags as a recruitment/outreach tool; Try printing out your Pack calendar or a welcome message for potential new Scouts and inserting it before tying the bag to the door!
  • Thank you for all your time and effort!!


10 Tips to Improve your Scouting For Food Drive



October 27 – Unit Commitment Forms Due

October Roundtable – Bags available at Roundtables in October. All Units should attend Roundtable to receive their bags.

November Roundtables – Bags available at Roundtables again.

November, Second Saturday – Bags Distributed to Community

November, Third Saturday – Food Picked Up

November 30th – Unit Reports Due


2017 Scouting for Food Recap

Food Collected: 200,107 lbs.

2016 Scouting for Food Recap

Food Collected: 214,929 lbs.

2015 Scouting For Food Recap

Food Collected: 217,976 lbs.

2014 Scouting For Food Recap

Food Collected: 122,237 lbs.

Youth Participating: 1,548

Adults Participating: 1257

2013 Scouting For Food Recap

Food Collected: 135,400 lbs.

Youth Participating: 1,600

Adults Participating: 953

2012 Scouting For Food Recap

Food Collected: 130,000 lbs

Youth Participating: 1,250

Adults Participating: 1,056