For over a century, the Boy Scouts of America has been dedicated to developing character; instilling duty to God, citizenship, and patriotism; and promoting physical, mental, and moral fitness in the youth of the United States. By learning new skills and forming lasting friendships through the BSA programs, generations of Boy Scouts have grown up to become some of our nation’s most outstanding leaders.  Scouting is dedicated to helping young people become Prepared.  For Life.

Scouting is a values-based program with its own code of conduct. The Scout Oath and Law help instill the values of good conduct, respect for others, and honesty. Scouts learn skills that will last a lifetime, including basic outdoor skills, first aid, citizenship skills, leadership skills, and how to get along with others.

Scouting’s values to young people is clear, but the advantages of Scouting are not limited to boys. Adults also develop leadership and physical skills with every training experience.

You may hear the term “age-appropriate programming” in discussions about Scouting. The programs of the Boy Scouts of America are structured to take into consideration the age, maturity, and skill levels of its members. Cub Scouting is for boys and girls in the first through fifth grades (ages 7 to 10). Scouts BSA is available to boys and girls who are 11 (or have finished fifth grade) through 17 years of age. Venturing offers a program that is fun and full of challenge and adventure for young men and women who are 14 (and have completed the eighth grade) through 20 years of age. Each Cub Scout pack, Scouts BSA troop, and Venturing crew belongs to an organization with interests similar to those of the BSA. This organization, which might be a church, school, community organization, or, group of interested citizens, is chartered by the BSA local council to use the Scouting program.

To learn more about the various programs of the Boy Scouts of America, click one of the links below:


Cub Scouts – For Boys and Girls Grades 1 through 5 (Ages 7 to 10)

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Scouts BSA –For Boys and Girls aged 11 (or have finished 5th grade) through age 17


VENTURI3Venturing – For Young Men and Women aged 14 (and have completed 8th grade) through age 20


For those already involved there are several programs available that help reinforce the teachings of the Boy Scouts of America. Each of these organizations has its own activities and focuses.  Click on the link above to learn more about what they do.


The Order of the Arrow: Scoutings National Honor Society


The National Eagle Scout Association