The Pennsylvania Dutch Council is excited to welcome new Cub Scouts to the Boy Scouts of America.

For fall 2021 we are offering a $100 to each pack that participates in fall recruitment. Learn more about how your pack can earn this $100 here.

Overview of Recruiting Resources

Successful and sustainable recruiting is more than having a recruitment night – and that was true even when most every school permitted after school gatherings like Sign Up Nights. Here are some resources to help your pack grow:

Pennsylvania Dutch Council 2021 Fall Recruitment Guide

Pennsylvania Dutch Council Membership Kickoff Video

Pennsylvania Dutch Council Membership Kickoff Powerpoint

Flyer Request and Event Promotion

National Membership Kickoff Webinar

2021 Membership Fees

2021 Membership Financial Assistance Fund Application

Recruitment Night Resources

Joining Event Plan

Sign Up Night Unit Playbook

Social Media Recruitment Resources

Facebook Recruitment Night Promotion Sheet

Social Media 101

Cub Scout Recruitment Images/Resources

Facebook Page Cover Photos

Blaze New Trails Daily

Scouting where we shoot for the stars!

Escape the Indoors Resources pin Information

Recruitment Materials

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack form

Welcome New Cub Scout Family Information Guide

Scout Shop Uniform Price Sheet

Family Talent Survey

Peer to Peer Recruitment Cards

BSA Youth Application

BSA Adult Application

Additional Recruitment Resources

Welcome New Families to your Pack

Out of the Box Ways to Recruit

Recruiting Ideas for Cub Scout Leaders

Pack and Den Recruitment Resources

National Boy Scouts of America Recruitment Page