Which Clearances Are Required?

All volunteers must obtain the following clearances:

  1. Report of criminal history from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). Sample PA State Police Background Check
  2. Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services (Child Abuse). Sample DHS Background Check
  3. Fingerprint based federal criminal history (FBI) submitted through the Pennsylvania State Police or its authorized agent. Sample FBI Fingerprint Check
    • Signed Disclosure form required if you have been a PA resident for the last 10 years if:
      • The position the volunteer is applying for is unpaid; and
      • The volunteer has been a Pennsylvania resident continuously for the past 10 years.
        Volunteers who are not required to obtain the FBI Clearance because they are applying for an unpaid position and have been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years must swear or affirm in writing that they are not disqualified from service based upon a conviction of an offense. Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers

Additional Questions?

For additional questions please contact Field Director Daniel Hanson at 717-553-4205 or daniel.hanson@scouting.org OR Scout Executive