The Unit Kernel is the person who coordinates a unit’s fall popcorn and nut sale, otherwise known as the Fall Product Sale.  Being a good kernel simply means being organized and having lots of energy.  It also means being creative and helping everyone with selling popcorn and nuts.

The responsibilities of the Kernel include:

  • Working with your unit committee to develop a sales goal, based on your unit budget.  Divide your sales goal into a ‘per boy’ goal.  You can also work with the committee to develop a unit incentive plan for your Scouts as well as a sales goal for them.
  • Making sure your Unit Commitment Form is returned to the Pennsylvania Dutch Council.
  • Attending the Council Kickoff.
  • Holding a unit kickoff meeting near the date the sale begins.
  • Coordinating the sale, including Show and Sell locations and times, Wagon Draggin’s and Online Sales.  Submit your nut order and your popcorn order online, or get them to your District Kernel or Executive who can help you.  Schedule someone to do your unit pickup.  You do NOT have to be the person doing everything!
  • Deciding due date for your unit to get Take Order forms, money and prize forms back to you.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to get your Scout’s orders compiled so that you can place your orders online and on time.
  • Reminding Scouts of money due date for your unit.  Be sure checks are payable to your UNIT, NOT TO THE COUNCIL.  Collect and tally money by unit due date.  If you collect the money for the product at the time of the sale, it will cut your steps from SELL-DELIVER-COLLECT to SELL-DELIVER.  Issue one check payable to “Pennsylvania Dutch Council” for the “Total Amount Due Council” posted on your invoice.
  • Reviewing the orders and summarize the prizes each Scout is eligible for.  Place your product order and prize order online before the deadline.  DO NOT wait for the last minute.  Give yourself time just in case there are problems.  (Your District Kernel or Executive can help!)
  • Scheduling someone in your unit to pickup on the designated date and time.  Be SURE to have enough vehicle space to accommodate your order.  Driver will be expected to verify counts and sign unit order acknowledging receipt.  Once order is signed your unit is responsible for payment.