Show and Sell Orders Return Policy

In order to ensure a successful popcorn sale for both your unit and the council, the 2015 Popcorn and Nut Committee has established a Show and Sell Return Policy.

The Show and Sell part of the Popcorn and Nut Sale is an excellent way for your Scouts to sell popcorn and nut and provide the product directly to our customers.   In order to help units determine how much popcorn and nut to order, units will be able to order up to 80% of their 2014 total sales order and make returns to the council of any unsold product on October 26th with no fees or penalties (as long as products are returned in the original condition).


2014 Unit Show and Sell Order         $4,000
2014 Unit Take Order                           $6,000
Total Unit 2014 Sale                              $10,000
2015 Show and Sell Maximum Order = $10,000 x 80% or $8,000

If at any time during the Show and Sell portion of the sale a unit sells out of a particular product, they may contact the Council Office and we will arrange for additional products as long as we have inventory.  If a unit needs product beyond that, it will need to be ordered as part of the Take Order portion of the sale.   Any unit choosing to order over 80% of the 2014 total sale at the Show and Sell will not be able to make returns of unsold product during the 2015 sale.  Units choosing this option must complete and return the