The purpose of the Throwing Bull Tribe shall be to promote, through organization, cooperation with other agencies, good fellowship, and a robust sense of humor among those who devote a portion of their time and/or finances, the ability of boys and girls to do things for themselves and others, to train them
in Scoutcraft, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues, using the methods
which are now in common use by the Boy Scouts of America.
In achieving this purpose, emphasis shall be placed upon the BSA’s educational program, and the oaths,
laws, promises, and codes of the Scouting program for character development, citizenship training,  mental and physical fitness. The specific purpose of the organization’s existence is to promote
the betterment of BSA camping facilities within the Pennsylvania Dutch Council.


In the summer of 1949, the Lancaster County Council staged a ‘49er day on the last day of the Chiquetan camping season. The entire day’s program was based on the days of the ’49 Gold Rush.
A group of Scouters arranged an extra-curricular activity, secretly. The secret was well kept. In full Indian regalia, with loud whoops and cries, they raided the camp and kidnapped Chief Thunderbird, better known as Cal Armstrong, Scout Executive of the Lancaster County Council. An emissary was sent to the President of the Council, J. Edward Mack, demanding a blueberry pie feast as ransom for the safety and freedom of Chief Thunderbird. These terms were finally accepted and in good time the Chief was released, but not until he had been thoroughly maltreated (?) and painted with war paint.
The raid was so thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present, and especially the Scouters who instigated and
carried out the raid, that a decision was made to form a permanent organization. This was accomplished
at a dinner meeting held on October 19, 1949.
The Tribe is primarily a service club for Scouters, providing an opportunity to gather together occasionally for fun and fellowship and to maintain the interest of Scouters in Scouting when they reach the point that they feel their service to Scouting may not be missed. Being a fun organization, it seemed uncommonly
natural to fit the name of the Throwing Bull Tribe.

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