by Duane on Friday, March 3, 2017

Discounted Hersheypark Tickets

Support Scouting – Get a Great Discount

 All summer season tickets purchased through our website include a $3.00 contribution to Scouting which supports over 5,000 youth in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.  Programs include:

Leadership Development, Citizenship Training, Character Building, and Personal Fitness

Thank You!

Purchase Your Tickets Promotion Code: 78158

Get your summer tickets early and you can use them anytime during the summer!

Prices increase after July 5th!

SUMMER(purchased prior to July 5) COST SAVINGS
Regular (ages 9-54): $46.95 $18.00
Junior (ages 3-8): $36.95 $ 5.00
Senior (ages 55-69): $36.95 $ 5.00
Senior Plus (ages 70+) $23.95 $ 3.00
Meal Ticket $10.60
Game Booklet $19.00

Purchase Your Tickets Promotion Code: 78158

*Tickets purchased through our link are good for one day during the summer season. (May 5 – September 24)

Check the 2017 Operating Schedule for detailed dates.

Questions: Try our FAQ or comment below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Helpful Links: 

2017 Operating Schedule  2017 Hersheypark Snack Voucher
2017 Hersheypark Meal Ticket Restaurant List Hersheypark Games Information


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