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Merit Badge College 2019

February 2, 2019
(Snow date February 9, 2019)

Register Online Here Registration will open in December

Limited classes will be available

Landisville Mennonite Church, 3320 Bowman Road, Landisville

Event registration starts at 8:00am, last session ends at 3:45pm

Merit Badge Session one is 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Merit Badge Session two is 12:45-3:45 PM

Cost: $10 per scout

2019 Merit Badge classes have not been finalized yet

Below is the information from 2018

Merit Badges Include:


Both Sessions are Full

10 Scouts per session

Prerequisites 1a-d, 5, 6a-d, 7. 3: Construct cartesian diver, bring with you and be prepared to discuss.


20 Scouts per session

Look through the requirements and have an excellent knowledge of the game. Be familiar with the following:
• Scorekeeping using the algebraic system of chess notation
• Four opening principles
• Four rules for castling
• “scholar’s mate” and “fool’s mate”
• Four ways a chess game can end in a draw
• Exploiting weaknesses, force, king safety, pawn structure, space, tempo, time
• Clearance sacrifice, decoy, discovered attack, double attack, fork, interposing, overloading, overprotecting, pin, remove the defender, skewer, zwischenzug

NOTE: this session is not for a beginner or moderate player

Citizenship in the Community

Both Sessions are Full

10 Scouts per session

3a: Attend a meeting of your city, town or county council or school board OR attend a municipal, county or state court session. Come prepare to present at the college an issue where there was a difference of opinion. Have written notes.

Citizenship in the Nation

Both Sessions are Full

15 Scouts per session

2a, b OR c
2d Bring in and explain
3: Use internet, newspaper or TV. Must be reputable and real.
6: Pick a speech
8: Bring list of elected officials for your home address. Bring copy of letter sent, and any response, if any, received.

Citizenship in the World

Both Sessions are full

10 Scouts per session

Bring along the Merit Badge book

First Aid

First Session Full

15 Scouts per session

Bring a First Aid kit for 2d

Indian Lore

10 Scouts per session

2, one of 3a, b OR c, plus 3d


Second Session Full

10 Scouts per session

4, 5
6- Bring image on a memory card or thumb drive
7- Bring a box of props to complete this at the college
Must bring your own camera to use

Search & Rescue (all day session)

Session Full

15 Scouts

Come prepared to discuss 1b


Both Sessions are full

12 Scouts per session

1: Bring notes from your family discussion. Do this requirement first
2 Water- a: what three ways did your family choose to conserve water? How did the efforts affect water usage over one month? Do this during the holidays.
2 Water b OR c: do one and be prepared to discuss your findings
2 Food- a: Figure out how much food your family throws away. Come up with a family plan to reduce food waste. Track for 2 weeks and report results.
2 Food- b OR c: do one and be prepared to discuss your findings
2 Community- a: do either b or c, then do a. Bring your sketch and be prepared to share and discuss your design.
2 Energy- b OR c: Do one and be prepared to share and discuss results. Note that either option requires tracking usage for one month. Start during the holidays.
2 Stuff- a: Log the “stuff” your family purchases for a 2-week period. Log each item as essential need or desirable want.
2 Stuff- b OR c: do either B with your family and make notes to share OR reflect on C and be prepared to share and discuss
4: Explore and discuss any two of the six choices with your family. Bring notes from your discussion and make sure to include best and worst practices. Be prepared to discuss.
5a: Report the results of your family meeting AFTER you have completed number 4.
6: Research a career in the field of sustainability. Make notes on the required education, training and experiences. Be prepared to discuss.

*You will have the opportunity to work towards two merit badges at the Merit Badge College (unless you opt to take Search & Rescue).

All merit badge prerequisites need to be completed before the day of the Merit Badge College.

Even though there is a charge for the college, there is no guarantee that you will complete the merit badge – a partial completion is acceptable, but it is up to the scout to find a counselor to complete the work.

Each scout must complete each requirement as written.

Classes are being led by certified merit badge counselors.

BRING TWO SIGNED BLUE CARDS WITH YOU (one if you’re taking Search & Rescue)

Lunch will not be provided. Scouts are welcome to bring their lunch in a paper lunch bag or a zip-lock baggie. Refrigerators are available. Please clearly label your lunch.

Parents are welcome to stay in the seating area in the lobby, but space is limited.

For more information, contact Susan Sharp at 717-361-7902 or at

Download the flyer here


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