Log-in Information
Each unit will receive a username and password for the Trail’s End site: www.scouting.trails-end.com. The
unit can add additional users, place the orders for popcorn, and print invoices and other reports.
(The email with log-in information is generated AFTER you submit your Unit Commitment Form to the
Council Office!)
To Set Up Your Unit Account at Trails End
Go to the Trails End web site at www.scouting.trails-end.com
Click on the tab for “Leaders.”
Click on the link for “Popcorn System.”
Log in with your username and password.  You were assigned a user name and password when you
registered for the sale. If you need either your user name or pass word reset please contact
Leisha, Scott, your district Kernel or your district executive.
Ordering Popcorn for your unit
Click on the cluster of white cubes at the top and select the 2018 fundraising year.
If you are a Kernel for multiple units please select the appropriate unit you are making the
order for.
Click on the tab “Unit Orders” and select “New Unit Order” button.
Click on the link for the time frame you are ordering:
Show & Sell unit orders to be picked up on 9/6/2018 & 09/7/2018 are due 8/22/18.
Take Order unit orders to be picked up on 11/08/2018 & 11/09/2018 are due 10/24/18.
Fill in your quantity needed in the column.
Show and Sell—full case only
Take Order—cases and containers
You may save your order at this time, and return to it later or submit.
Please, make sure your final order matches your records.)
Click on “Save Changes.”
When ready, click on “Submit.” Once submitted if you wish to add products you will need to
place an additional order.  Orders will not populate in the system unless submitted.  Once
submitted you will receive a green notification.
Approving Scout Submitted Orders (Optional – for units that have entered Scout names individually)*
Click on the tab “Scouts.”
Go to “Scout Orders.”
Click on the order form tab next to each Scout’s name and view and approve
each order. Units will not be able to submit the total order if there are unapproved Scout orders.
Ordering Prizes for your unit
This is done through your Trails End site
Once you know which prizes and how many of each prize you need you can log into the Popcorn system
at http://scouting.trails-end.com/.  Here you will find a link to order prizes.  Enter the quantity
of each prize you need and submit. Prize Orders placed by the end of October will be delivered in
November. If you need assistance with this process, please contact Supply Customer Service by phone
800-323-0736 or email customer.service@scouting.org. They are very good about replacing damaged
prizes, tracking lost orders, and just being helpful in general. If you do not hear back from
either contact, Leisha or Scott at the Council Service Center.