2016 Scouting For Food

 10 Tips to Improve your Scouting For Food Drive


Submit Your Unit Commitment Online:

2016 SFF Unit Commitment Form


Submit Your Unit Collection Report Online:

2016 SFF Unit Collection Report Form




August 20, 2016 – Unit Commitment Forms Due

October – Bags available at Roundtables and Council Service Center

November Roundtables – Bags Available for pick up

November 12 – Bags Distributed to Community

November 19 – Bags Picked Up

November 25 – Unit Reports Due

District Scouting For Food Maps

Maps showing unit coverage areas by district will be linked here as soon as they are compiled.

  • Conestoga River
  • Harvest
  • Horse-Shoe Trail

2014 Scouting For Food Recap

Food Collected: 122,237 lbs.

Youth Participating: 1,548

Adults Participating: 1257

2013 Scouting For Food Recap

Food Collected: 135,400 lbs.

Youth Participating: 1,600

Adults Participating: 953

2012 Scouting For Food Recap

Food Collected: 130,000 lbs

Youth Participating: 1,250

Adults Participating: 1,056