by Daniel Hanson on Monday, February 10, 2014

In February, a forestry management project will begin at Bashore Scout Reservation.  This project is being undertaken under the direction of a Certified Forester following recommendations included in an updated Forest Management Plan for the camp.  Work will take place “up the mountain” in three areas and will focus on removing standing dead timber, timber downed during recent storms, and on improving the overall health of the forest.  Later stages of this project will include steps to limit invasive species.  During this time, some of the Blue Mountain Trails will be impacted and following the project work will begin to reestablish impacted trails.

Benefits of Active Forest Management Include:

  • Reduced Forest Fire Risk;
  • Reduced danger to hikers, campers, and other forest users by reducing standing dead timber;
  • Improved growth and development of new plants;
  • Reduced impact of invasive species;
  • Improved tree health and reduced impact of disease;
  • Improved wildlife habitat;

Any and all proceeds from the sale of timber will be reinvested into the buildings and grounds of Bashore Scout Reservation.


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