Calling all Scouts BSA participants for a star-filled cosmic experience!

Don’t miss an opportunity for your Scout to earn the Astronomy Merit Badge at the
North Museum of Nature and Science. Save the date for Saturday, December 7, 2019 from 12:00 – 5:00 pm.
• Event will meet all the requirements for the Astronomy Merit Badge, including some pre-workshop assignments
• Scouts will get to experience our revolutionized planetarium for all of the requirements
• Arrive early and explore the Museum as workshop registration includes general museum admission

Registration Deadline: Sunday, December 1

Registration: Register online at northmuseum.org/boyscouts
Pricing: Scouts BSA: $20 Adult: $9

– Special discounts and coupons are not applicable for this program
– To accommodate as many scouts as possible, workshop is only open to the Scout earning the badge
and their adult(s) who are attending
– All adults attending must be with the Scout in the planetarium during the workshop sessions

North Museum member — Scout: $12
North Museum members — Adults: FREE

Scouts to do list prior to workshop:
• Bring blue card signed by unit leader
• Partially complete blue card with the info found on our website northmuseum.org/boyscouts prior to event
• Complete requirement 5a and 5b prior to workshop and submit to cosmicmike@northmuseum.org by December 1
• Requirement 5a and 5b details are available on our website at northmuseum.org/boyscouts

Planning for arrival:
• Scouts and their adults can arrive anytime after 10 am to explore the Museum prior to workshop
• Make sure to either eat lunch prior to workshop or bring a packed lunch-lunch will not be provided by the Museum
• Food can be brought into the planetarium
• Please arrive by 11:45 am to check-in—Workshop will begin promptly at Noon
• Allow ample time for parking – Parking is limited to street parking due to nearby construction
• Scouts are asked to wear their Scouts BSA uniform

• Workshop will be taught by North Museum’s Mike Smith, aka Cosmic Mike®, a certified Merit Badge Counselor
• Merit Badge Counselor will be signing off on their card the day of workshop
• During designated workshop breaks, Scouts will also have the opportunity to explore the Museum
• All adults attending must be with scout in planetarium during workshop sessions
• Scouts must be accompanied by an adult. Recommended minimum ratio is 5 scouts to 1 adult

Visit https://northmuseum.org/boyscouts/ to register online and for more details regarding the workshop.

For more information or to register via phone, contact info@northmuseum.org or 717.358.3941
Interested in becoming a North Museum member?
Visit the Museum website at northmuseum.org for more info or sign up today!



8 responses to “Astronomy Merit Badge at the North Museum”

  1. Olive Swan says:

    Is the Astronomy event on January 5, 2019 open to Webelos?

    Thank you, Olive

    • Daniel Hanson says:

      The event is intending for Scouts that are already registered in a Scouts BSA troop to work on Astronomy Merit Badge.

  2. Doug Groux says:

    Hi. Great event! 3 questions: Are there any prerequisites the boys are required to complete? Will all the requirements be completed during this course or is there a chance partials would be issued? Lastly, should the boys bring completed Blue Cards or will the Museum have those available?

    • Daniel Hanson says:

      There are no prerequisites for this merit badge event. All requirements will be covered during there time at the event. The only requirement that could become a problem is 4a and 4b depending on the weather that day. If needed they will do their observations inside utilizing the Sci-Dome at the North Museum. Scouts will need to bring a blue card signed by their unit leader.

    • Carrie says:

      There are several requirements that need done and submitted by Dec 5th.
      This is from the email that I received from North Museum

      • Carrie says:

        Things Boy Scouts Need to Do…
        Participating Scouts have been asked to wear their uniform
        All scouts will NEED to bring their blue card signed by their scoutmaster
        All scouts will NEED to fulfill requirement 5a prior to workshop
        Requirement 5a: List the names of the five most visible planets. Explain which ones can appear in phases similar to lunar phases and which ones cannot, and explain why.
        Completion of requirement needs to be submitted to Merit Badge Counselor via email to cosmicmike@northmuseum.org by the end of the day, Thursday, December 7
        All scouts will NEED to fulfill requirement 5b prior to workshop
        Requirement 5b: Using the internet (with your parent’s permission), books, and other resources, find out when each of the five most visible planets that you identified in requirement 5a will be observable in the evening sky during the next 12 months. Then compile this information in the form of a chart or table
        Completion of requirement needs to be submitted to Merit Badge Counselor via email to cosmicmike@northmuseum.org by the end of the day, Thursday, December 7
        All Scouts will need to meet with Merit Badge Counselor, Cosmic Mike, to sign off on their card the day of workshop verifying the completion of the Astronomy Merit Badge

  3. Chris Yost says:

    Did anyone confirm that the leaders at the north museum are registered BSA merit badge counselors and have all the clearances and training

    • Daniel Hanson says:

      Cosmic Mike, from the North Museum, will be holding this event and is a registered Merit Badge Counselor with the Pennsylvania Dutch Council.

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