by Daniel Hanson on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Edward Mack Scout Reservation (Camp Mack) turned 50 years old in 2019 welcoming its first group of scouts to summer camp in 1969.

All during the summer camping season, Camp Mack will be using the theme of Happy Birthday for all our cub scouts returning to Camp Mack or experiencing the fun and adventures for the first time.

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Stories from Camp Mack

We will be sharing stories from Camp Mack throughout the year as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Click the links below to see those stories. Stories reported by Bill Hannegan

The Eastern District (BIG E) Started the Winter Events Story from Tom Williams

Pool at Camp Mack Makes Camp Unique Story from Tom Williams

Ed Carvell’s camping spirit fuels Ride For Camps Story from Ed Carvell

Retiree in Tennessee recalls roots in Lancaster County Story from Bob Denlinger

Musser carved out roads, building sites at Mack Story from Titus Musser

Share your memory of Camp Mack

1978 Camp Mack Staff

Right after you save the date to attend the 50th anniversary celebration of J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019, please consider sharing a memory and/or a photo or video.

Your contribution affirming the Scout Oath and Law can be a single sentence saluting Camp Mack, the snapshot of you and a buddy, or a hair-on-fire camp adventure captured on video.

Please contact Bill Hannegan for more information at

What you share is your chance to be part of Camp Mack’s Facebook page,  Pennsylvania Dutch Council’s Facebook page and council’s Scouter Focus. It’s your chance to be included in the time capsule that will be sealed and buried as part of the 50-year observance.

These online sites will be where organizers of the open house will promote the event. For example:

Did You Know? J. Edward Mack joined Scouting in 1914 and earned the first Eagle Scout Award in Lancaster County in 1917.

Fun Fact: Hot embers used to the light the fire at Camp Mack’s dedication ceremony in 1968 were carried by Scouts running a relay from Camp Chiquetan south of Millersville to the council’s new property north of Brickerville.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Council website will be where longer written pieces will appear. For example, interviews have been completed with those Scouters who witnessed recent events and those who recall tales from more than 50 years ago. More interviews are planned.

There is to limit on what can be posted online. Imagine 3 paragraphs introducing a post and a link to the full story.

To share, contact Bill Hannegan at


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  1. Joe Campion says:

    My name is Joe Campion, my position at the 1969 season at Mack was Senior Patrol Leader Advisor. Recall at Chiquetan, all scouts at at the central dining hall. When we moved to Mack the plan was to have the Scouts cook, prepare meals and eat at the campsite. The Senior Patrol Leaders from the troops came to camp a week early and all stayed with me at a campsite and we went through he ropes of what was SUPPOSED to take place the next week. It was a hoot. I currently live in Iowa and am still active with the Illowa Council. Hope I can get back for the reunion. Lots of fond memories of the last year at Chiquetan and first year at Mack. I’ll send some pictures.

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